Improving Your Garage Door’s Security

You can reduce or avoid the opportunity of one of the many ways a garage door incurs damage or break-ins. It only takes 10 simple steps to make your home more secure. Call Precision for a Bakersfield garage door repair if you need us, but implement these steps so a break-in isn’t the reason.

Door Gadget Safety

1. Always take your garage door remote inside the house or office with you. Do not leave it in your vehicle for thieves to steal because then they have access to your home.

2. Replace the remote that clips to your vehicle’s sun visor with a keychain remote opener that fits on your keyring.

3. Secure the emergency release on the garage door with zip-ties.

4. Conduct regular maintenance on the door’s mechanical parts.

Lock It Down

5. Keep your garage door shut when you’re not entering or exiting. Leaving your garage door up invites thieves.

6. Install a deadbolt lock on the door from your garage into your house. Keep it locked.

7. Replace the entry door from your garage to your house with one made from reinforced steel or solid-core wood. Install an anti-kick-in device.

8. Lock the garage door’s throw latch with a padlock or a tightened c-clamp on either side of the door track any time you leave town.

The View Matters

9. Install a wide-angle peephole on the house door to the garage so you can see what is going on if you hear an odd noise.

10. Cover, frost or tint the garage windows so thieves cannot see inside.

These quick, simple activities can keep you and your family safer. They’ll also keep your garage door functioning better.