Garage Door Track Repair Service

Opening and closing the garage door probably happens several times a day. You take it for granted that it will function when it’s needed. However, every once in awhile, you may run into a problem with your automatic garage door. When this happens, call Precision Door Service of Los Angeles for assistance.

Our thorough repair process is designed to identify the causes of the problem and make speedy professional repairs.

Several things can cause a garage door to come off its tracks. Here are three of the most common:

          The Cause

  • Broken springs. Over the years, wear and tear on your garage door may cause one or both of the torsion springs to break. As a result, if only one spring breaks, you may see a lopsided garage door that has fallen off its tracks.
  • Closing on an object. Although electronic eyes are typically standard equipment on automatic garage doors, every once in awhile, a door may close onto an object under the door and cause damage if eyes are broken or not aligned. This type of damage can knock a door off its tracks.

Accidental force. Whether a car accidentally bumps into a garage door or you run into the door with a lawn tractor or other piece of equipment, this type of force can also damage the door and force it off track.

The Solution

Precision Door Service of Los Angeles is prepared to send qualified technicians out immediately to help with an off-track garage door. Here is our process to help you get back on track:

  • Careful inspection. Our trained professionals will examine the problem and provide the best solution. In some cases, this may be simply putting the door back on its tracks.
  • Repair suggestions. If there is damage to the tracks, the rollers or the door itself, further repair may be needed. We may recommend maintenance steps such as cleaning and lubricating the tracks once the door is repaired.
  • Replacement options. In severe cases, you may need to replace parts of your system or the door itself.
  • Safety check. Before our technicians leave, they will provide a free safety inspection and suggest any other repairs or maintenance that should be completed to keep your door up and running long-term.

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