important safety features for children

3 Safety Features to Childproof Your Garage Doors

Informing your child of all the dangers that come with garage doors is a first step towards keeping your child safe from harm. Thus, before you give your kid access to the garage, it is important to have a discussion with him or her about certain parts of a garage door that should not get touched and to stay far away when the garage door is opening or closing. For older children, you can show them how to use the garage door properly and be mindful of its safety features. You should remain vigilant of any hazards while the child is learning, such as standing too close to the garage door.

Purchase a Garage Door Opener With Safety Features

The garage door opener you choose needs to have child safety features such as a lock. Therefore, if your child tries to use your garage door opener, the child-safety lock will then be enabled. You can use a smart garage door opener that allows you to have full control of the garage door with your cell phone. Keep in mind that for this to work as a safety feature, you should have a locked screen on your phone.

Consider Installing a Dutch Door

Because a dutch door is made up of two different sections, you can open up the top part to give yourself access to the garage and keep the bottom closed. This is a surefire way to prevent your child or other pets from wandering into the garage when you are trying to bring in groceries. Also, if you install a dutch door, you do not have to worry about installing a child-proofing gate.

Do Maintenance Checks

Every month you should perform an inspection of your garage door to make sure that everything is functioning well. To do this, open and close the garage a few times to see if you hear any strange creaking noises or if the garage door is opening slower than it normally does. Contact Los Angeles garage door repair if any issues come up.