using remote opener: Garage door issues

5 Common Garage Door Issues

Although modern garage doors are manufactured to be durable, the fact is that they are going to show some signs of wear and tear after a while. Understanding what to look for is critical to keeping your garage door functioning properly. Therefore, the following includes five of the most common garage door issues that you’re likely to encounter.

Garage Door Issues Regarding the Opener

One of the most common issues you’re going to face is not being able to lift your garage door. This issue is usually caused by a lack of lubrication after multiple uses of your garage door opener. The way to fix it is to find your chain or drive-screw operated garage door component and place a bit of lubricant onto it. This will ensure less friction, thus providing you with a door that opens properly.

Door Opens and Suddenly Closes

This common issue can be very dangerous if you have small children or pets within your home. The issue here is often connected to the tension springs located above or to the side of your garage door. When they lose tension, they are not strong enough to pick up your door or place it carefully down. Because these are so dangerous to handle on your own, it is recommended to seek the services of a garage door repair South Beach company.

Door Opener Control Won’t Work

If you’re pointing towards your door and it’s not going up, then it’s likely one of two things. Either your remote needs new batteries or your door sensor is dirty. It is often the case that the door sensor has simply picked up too much dirt and debris throughout the lifetime of your door. Simply use a cloth to wipe the sensor down. This will often do the trick, but if it doesn’t, then your next step is to contact the manufacturer.

Water and Wind Entering the Space

If you notice that water and wind are beginning to become more prevalent within your garage, you may have an issue with your weatherstripping. This is the protective barrier beneath the garage door that stops the elements from entering the garage. Fortunately, replacing weatherstripping is fairly easy and affordable.

Loud Metallic Noises

Most garage doors are loud, but they should never be so loud that it causes your entire garage to shake. If you’re noticing unusual metallic sounds when you open or close your door, it may have loose nuts and bolts.