technician doing a garage door tune-up

What to Expect at Your Next Garage Door Tune-Up

Your garage door is in use day in and day out, and that regular wear and tear can often lead the system to run down or break all together. One way to help avoid unnecessary and unexpected repairs is to schedule a regular garage door tune-up to keep your system running smoothly. Here are a few important things to know about a tune-up for this important part of your home from the Los Angeles garage door experts.

When You Should Schedule Maintenance

Setting up a regular tune-up schedule for your garage door is one way to help ward off costly repairs. Experts recommend bringing in a professional to give your garage door system a thorough inspection every six months.

Because garage doors are in constant use, impending damage may not be obvious to the homeowner. This can be especially true with some of the more hidden components of the door system. A regular tune-up can help spot those hidden trouble areas before you end up in a bind with a broken garage door.

Inspection and Tune-Up of the Garage Door Mechanisms

So, what can you expect from scheduling maintenance? Your garage door technician will carefully inspect all aspects of your garage door from the springs to the bolts to the rollers and more. If the bolts in your system have loosened over time, a simple tightening can get them back in order. Rollers will be inspected to determine if the frequent use has worn cracks or chipped areas in the roller itself and if any replacement is necessary. The technician will also carefully check the springs, cables and other garage door mechanisms, lubricating necessary areas to ensure ease of operation.

If the technician finds that repairs are necessary, the technician will be able to walk you through your options and help find the most cost-effective and safe procedures for getting your garage door back up to speed. These tune-ups, if performed regularly by a qualified garage door technician, will help lengthen the life of your home’s garage door and save you time and money in the long run.