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What Is a Garage Door Limit Switch?

The garage door limit switch stops the garage door from behaving erratically. If it is not set properly, it may cause the door to open and close at the wrong times. If simple solutions don’t work, it may need to be reset by a professional who can perform a garage door repair in South Beach.

How Does It Work?

A limit switch has an actuator. This is a device that instructs a machine to work and is mechanically connected to a set of contacts. When the garage door is activated, the rollers move along the track and touch the actuator. This signals the contacts to open or close an electrical connection. It is a safety mechanism to stop moving objects from passing a certain point. Garage doors are just one application for limit switches.

How to Know if the Problem Is the Limit Switch?

Two of the most common signs that your limit switch isn’t working are:

• The door opens again immediately after reaching the ground.

• The door won’t open or close all the way.

A malfunctioning limit switch is not only inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous.

If your garage door doesn’t close all the way, your house will be exposed to burglars, especially if no one is home. Your garage will be exposed to the weather and any heating or air conditioning in the garage will be lost. This results in excessive energy consumption. If the limit switch isn’t working, it won’t tell your garage door to stop when it senses an object in the way, such as a child, pet or car. This could cause serious injury or damage.

Get the Proper Setting

Limit switches on garage doors have one setting for opening and a different setting for closing. Each needs to be correctly adjusted to work properly. Even if you can adjust yours, it’s important to have it checked by a professional garage door repair person in Los Angeles to avoid reoccurring problems.