Garage workbenchThe Differences Between a Built-in or Freestanding Garage Workbench

A garage can serve multiple purposes, from its original inception as a place for parking vehicles to an elaborate workshop equipped with every imaginable type of tool. An attached garage lends itself perfectly as a workshop because it is large and outside of the main house, has concrete flooring and usually has electrical outlets. If you intend to use your garage for woodworking and other DIY projects, then you will need a sturdy workbench to provide a safe working surface. There are many types of workbenches you can install, but first you must decide if you want a freestanding garage workbench or one that is attached permanently.

Freestanding Garage Workbench

The advantages of a freestanding workbench is that it is on wheels and easily movable. This is a welcome feature for when you need to have access on all sides, when you are cleaning the garage, and when you need to rearrange your current configuration. The downside to a freestanding workbench is that it can take up more room. As a freestanding bench is usually bigger overall than a built-in workbench, it will be more expensive to build.

Built-In Garage Workbench

A built-in workbench is an ideal solution if you have limited space and want to save money on the cost of building. It is easy to make your own workbench and attach it to the wall, and you can place it in a corner or other small area if space is at a premium. It is also easy to add panels and pegboards next to the workbench for convenient access to your tools. However, you need to be sure about your placement as it will be troublesome to remove the workbench and install it in a different location.

When you are deciding on the type of workbench or other garage door services in Los Angeles that will best suit your particular situation, it is a good idea to consider your space and money. Besides these practical considerations, you should also think about your own personal working style. You may prefer a workbench that you can move freely when you want and where you want instantly, or this may not be an issue for you at all. Either way, you will enjoy having the additional workspace.