Safety Features for Garage Doors

All automatic garage doors are governed by certain safety features. A Los Angeles garage door repair professional will examine the mechanism of your garage door and determine if all the safety features are working properly.

Reduce the Risk of Entrapment

The two main features of an automatic garage door that need to be safe are sensors and reverse mechanism. Entrapment in a residential garage door means the door has closed on you and possibly pinned you to the ground. It could also happen to a child or pet.

Your garage door opener may also have a way to detach the motor from the garage door quickly so it can be opened manually. The sensors should stop the garage door from entrapping anyone.

Garage Door Sensors

The sensors in an automatic garage door are a low-voltage beam of light that is located near the floor on either side of the door. When the garage door opener is activated, this beam completes the electrical circuit. This is the reverse feature required by law.

To check if your sensors are working, put a cardboard box in front of the sensor and close the door with your remote or the switch on the garage wall. If the door stops closing and returns to the open position, the sensor is working properly.

Other Safety Ideas for Your Los Angeles Garage Door

If your garage door is attached to your home or if you keep anything of value in your garage, you should take some simple safety precautions. Any windows should have frosted glass, so thieves can’t see inside

Don’t leave your garage door opener remote visible in your car. Keep it with you or lock it in your glove compartment when your car is parked.

If your garage door is hanging crooked and looking shabby, it sends a signal to thieves that it is easy to open. You may want to ask a Los Angeles repair person to install a new one.