Belt Drive Versus Chain Belt Garage Door Openers

The chain drive opener is the most commonly used and costs less than the belt drive. But the belt drive is much faster and quieter than the chain drive. A professional who specializes in garage repair in Los Angeles will be able to help you decide which type of garage door opener is the best for your situation.

What Is a Belt Drive?

A belt drive opener is a rubber belt to operate your opener, which is why it is quiet. If your garage is next to a bedroom or under a living space, you will appreciate the quietness when the door is being opened. Belt drives tend to last much longer than chain drives, so even though they cost more upfront, they could save you money in the long term.

What Is a Chain Drive?

Chain drive openers have been used for decades in Los Angeles. The chain is metal and similar to a bicycle chain. They tend to be quite loud, but if your garage is not attached to your house, this may not be a problem. Since the chain belt is metal rubbing metal, they don’t last as long as rubber belts. Also, the operation of a chain drive is a bit bouncy and not as smooth as a belt drive. This is why the belt drive is faster.

Which Is Best?

Making a choice about the type of garage door opener for you will depend on your budget, how much sound you can tolerate and how often your garage door is opened and closed during the day. For example, some people open and close the door twice a day when they drive out and back in the garage. Families may open and close the door several times a day to take our bicycles, tools, toys, fitness equipment and other things stored for easy access in the garage. The weight of your garage door is also a factor. If you have a heavy, steel door, a stronger chain may be the best.