Get Your Garage Under Control

What’s the most neglected room in California homes? You got it: the garage! We use them and abuse them. Think about it: When’s the last time you cleaned your garage?

Angelenos, take control! It’s time to tackle the problem. It’s time to give your garage some TLC. “But how?” you ask. Never fear, the garage advice genie is here!

Step One: Pick A Date And Get A Dumpster

Procrastination is the enemy, especially when it comes to attacking your garage situation. Don’t talk about Operation Garage Cleanup in the abstract. Instead, set a date! Alert your family and make attendance mandatory.

And don’t forget to order a dumpster for a few days. You’re going to need it.

Step Two: Get Dirty

Now comes the hard part: It’s time to clean out the garage. To complete this step successfully, you must put on your anti-nostalgia cap and vow to discard anything worth less than $100 that you haven’t used in two years. Have a garage sale; throw it away; give stuff to shelters, friends and family. Whichever method you choose, just make sure it doesn’t land back in your garage. Purge your life of the mouse motel you’ve erected over the years!

When you unclutter your garage, your life will feel less jumbled, too!

Step Three: Bring In A Garage Expert

The garage is cleared out, so it’s time for the last step: overhead garage maintenance. Hop back on the computer and search for “garage door repair Los Angeles” and find a service with excellent ratings. Make an appointment and schedule a garage door checkup, even if everything appears fine. After all, a popped spring could mean the difference between you making it to that big meeting on time and missing out on the deal.

Once it’s done, you’ll be thrilled you did it. A cleaned, properly functioning garage can add a lot calmer and sanity to your life than you might imagine.