Garage Door Problems That Crop up in Winter

If you’re like most people, your garage is more than just a place to stash your car. It may also function as a storage space, as a workshop or an office, and as a second door to your home. When cold temperatures in the wintertime impact the efficient operation of your garage door, you’re dealing with a problem that restricts your use of your home. Garage door repairs in Visalia can help you make sure that all parts of your home are accessible to you even during the most frigid months.

The Door Won’t Open

One of the most common garage door problems in the wintertime is a door that will not open. This may be an issue with garage door opener, or it may be a structural difficulty with the garage door itself. Begin your troubleshooting process by focusing on your remote controller. Do its batteries need to be changed? Believe it or not, this is the source of many customer complaints.

Check the Lift Mechanism

If the batteries in your remote controller are functional, it’s time to check out the door itself. It’s very important to disconnect your door’s lift mechanism from the door itself so that you don’t unintentionally injure yourself while you’re investigating your problem. If your door is a spring door, but you’re finding it very difficult to budge it when you try to lift it, this may mean that your spring mechanisms are broken or worn out. Broken or worn-out springs should only be fixed by a professional since it can be a dangerous task.

Lubricate the Track

If the garage door moves when you lift it, but it seems to be sticking in places, this may mean that the track the garage door moves along needs lubrication. Lubrication is particularly important as temperatures plummet because the lubricant you’ve used previously may have hardened. Lubricating your garage door tracks is a job you can probably accomplish on your own, but make sure you purchase a lubricant that’s specially formulated to be effective at low temperatures. Always wear gloves when applying lubricant to garage door tracks since those tracks are made of metal, and you don’t want to cut yourself accidentally.