Deciding When You Need a New Commercial Garage Door

The traditional garage door is often created for one thing in mind, curb appeal and durability. However, this is often not enough for most business owners. So, how can you tell if you need a commercial garage door instead? Therefore, the following includes a few things to ask yourself before investing in these types of doors.

When Large Commercial Vehicles Are Used

Commercial vehicles are often a little larger than the family mini-van, and this doesn’t even take into account any supplies placed above it, such as ladders or other equipment. Because of this, you’re going to need a commercial door that has the right amount of garage door headroom. The headroom is the distance from the ground to the nearest obstacle up towards the ceiling. A commercial garage door also provides business owners with added width. Being able to open your door to allow not only vehicles but personal and products in is a huge plus. Residential garage doors don’t usually have this in mind and thus pose a severe limitation for company owners wanting to protect their valuable vehicles.

When You Store Large Amount of Inventory

If you are a small business but don’t really have large trucks to store, this doesn’t mean you should avoid investing in a commercial garage door. Your inventory is an important asset that must be protected. Therefore, if you’re often storing your product within your garage space, then this is the best route to take. Commercial doors provide durability during strong wind or thunderstorms. In addition, commercial garage doors are often created with an extra layer of security in mind. This means stronger locking systems for added protection. Seek the services of a Los Angeles garage door company in order to get further advice on your options.