garage keypad issues

Common Garage Door Keypad Issues

Picture this scenario; you’ve just arrived home from a tough day at work only to have your garage door pin pad not work. You keep putting in your code, and nothing happens. So, what could be the problem? The following includes a detailed list of some of the most common garage door keypad issues and how to fix them.

Battery Keypad Issues

Before you attempt to remove all the wires, you must first check if the issue is simply battery-related. Homeowners use their keypad often, and that tends to use up a considerable amount of battery life. Note that most keypads will utilize a 9 or 12-volt battery.

Your Wires Are Frayed

If the battery is not the issue, then you must start looking at the keypad’s wire system. Look for any wires that may be frayed as a burnt wire is usually enough to cause the keypad to stop working. Working with wires is dangerous, and thus it is recommended to seek the services of a garage door repair Los Angeles company to ensure a safe and accurate repair.

Dirt and Debris Accumulation

Because a keypad is subjected to the outside elements, it can quickly begin to pick up dirt and debris. This, of course, can then begin to clog the electric components from within, causing the entire keypad to simply stop working. Every few months, take the time to open your pad and clean out any dirt or debris that has accumulated. Doing so may save you a costly repair down the line.

When Everything Seems to Be Working Fine

If you’ve tried everything above and notice that nothing is really working, then it is recommended to reset your keypad. Consult with your owner’s manual to find the unlocking code. Once that has been added, you then have the option to re-enter a new or existing code to your door.