Top Garage Door Installation Mistakes Made by Homeowners

When it’s time to install a new garage door on the property, many homeowners attempt to take on the task themselves in an attempt to save money. Although many people consider themselves to be handy with tools, garage door installation requires a high level of training and experience to be completed correctly. If you’re considering installing a new door, there are a few mistakes to learn about in advance.

Off-Center Installations

Many people install garage doors that are off-center once they’re in place, which can throw it off balance and prevent it from opening and closing properly. If the garage door is off-center even a little, it can cause premature wear and tear on the belts and chains, which will shorten their lifespan and require a Los Angeles garage door repair. If the problem is severe, you can expect for the garage door to become completely twisted, which can lead to failure of the door.

Forgetting the Steel Door Stiffener

Although many people may assume that garage door installation kits are easy and convenient to use, most kits don’t always include all of the pieces or parts. Garage door installation kits are often missing the steel door stiffener because it’s not always required if without a motorized opener. Many manufacturers save money by not including it, which can cause residents to not realize that it may be needed. The door may function well without the part but may not be covered by the warranty if it’s omitted. It can also have a shorter lifespan due to an operation that is compromised.

Using Nails

Residents often make the mistake of using framing nails to install the garage door rather than lag screws, which are designed to mesh with the frame for a tighter bond that is more secure. If you use nails, you can expect them to pull right out over time, which can lead to damage and injuries. It’s best to leave the install to a professional to ensure the right screws and parts are used.