The Root Causes of Garage Door Damage

The last time that you looked at your garage door, you may have noticed that the paint was faded or that rust had developed on some of the panels. While some of this could be attributed to door’s old age, that may not necessarily be what has caused these issues to occur. Let’s look at why your door may not look as shiny and new as it once did.

What Causes Rust to Form?

Rust is a chemical reaction that occurs when salt or water is exposed to air. While rust is more common in snowy or cold climates, it can still occur in areas that experience rainy or humid weather. If you notice rust on your garage door, call a garage door repair Los Angeles company immediately. This is because the rust will eat away at a door if it is allowed to remain there. A weakened door could become an attractive spot for bugs or create holes that rodents can use to gain entry into your home.

Why Does Paint Fade?

Paint tends to fade because it has been exposed to too much sunlight. However, it is also possible for paint to fade because of old age, and it is a good idea to have a garage door painted every few years. In addition to a brighter appearance, fresh paint can act as further protection against bugs and rust.

How Can Dirt and Grease Damage a Garage Door?

If dirt or grease are allowed to linger on the door or in the door track, it could result in serious damage. Dirt can be transported into a garage by your shoes or boots, and it can be transported around the garage through the air. Grease or oil can get onto a garage door when it is touched by a person or when another object makes contact with it.