Top Signs Your Garage Door Requires a Tune-Up

Most people do not realize how often they use their garage door each week or how much they put it through each season. From dings, low temperatures, and heat, the materials are prone to suffering from wear and can occasionally become damaged. If you want to increase the longevity of the feature and allow it to operate better as you access your garage, there are a few signs that your door needs a tune-up.

Louder Operation Calls for a Tune-up

Although the garage door is prone to making a lot of noise when it opens and closes, it can become louder than before when it needs garage door service Los Angeles. You may notice that the feature becomes slow and strained as it moves, which means that the garage motor needs immediate attention from a professional. Some of the garage motor’s hardware may also need to be adjusted if excessive noise is always present as it operates.

Stretched or Broken Torsion Springs

One to two torsion springs are used on most garage doors, which last an average of seven years before they reach the end of their lifespan. You may discover that these parts have begun to break or stretch as they wear down, which will make it unsafe to open and close the garage door because they can snap. Avoid attempting to replace the springs yourself, which requires the expertise and training of a technician to avoid complications.

Rollers Off of the Tracks

A common issue with garage doors is when the rollers come off of the tracks, which will cause the door to become stuck and can make it difficult to operate. The door is prone to get knocked off of its track from time to time and can even become twisted. In most cases, you will need to perform a slight adjustment to fix the issue. If it continues to occur, you will need to speak to a professional about replacing the tracks to restore the operation of the door.