How to Know If Your Garage Door Is Balanced Properly

Garage doors can lose their proper balance for a wide range of reasons, some of which you may not be able to prevent with regular maintenance. Whether you’ve had recent issues with how your garage door opens and closes or you simply want to make sure that the door is working correctly, there are several steps that you can take to test the balance of your garage door, which will allow you to determine whether or not the door needs to be repaired in any way.

Make Sure That Your Door Is Balanced

In order to make sure that the balance of your door is correct, the first thing that you can do is to raise the garage door halfway. When you let go of the button, the door should stop immediately without lowering or continuing to rise. When you are lowering the door, it must come down in a manner that’s controlled, which means that it shouldn’t slam against the floor. The same should happen when the door is opening. When the door is at an open position, the bottom of the door should align exactly with the bottom of the door header.

Dangers of a Misaligned Door

A garage door that isn’t balanced properly can be very dangerous to use. While the door may continue to open and close as it should, a slight misalignment will likely continue to worsen. If the door becomes too unbalanced, it could fall off its track or close when it shouldn’t, which could damage your vehicle and cause other issues. In most cases, balancing problems are relatively simple to fix.

How to Fix a Garage Door That Isn’t Balanced Properly

If you’ve tested your garage door and find that it isn’t as balanced as you would like it to be, you’ll want to contact a professional repair company that provides garage door repairs in Bakersfield. When a repair technician inspects your garage door, they will also be able to inform you about any additional problems that require your attention.