Check for Earthquake Garage Damage Promptly

The best options for garage door repair in Los Angeles can be quite efficient and effective if you are prepared and hire the right team. If you want to fix garage door damage from earthquake strikes quickly and properly, take the time to look for problem areas before you make a service call.

Potential Interior Earthquake Damage to Garage

Garage damage from earthquake hits can happen in mere seconds. It is important that you examine the interior closely so that you know the proper information to relay to your insurance company and garage door service people. You should examine the shelving for any damage. If you identify any shelf damage, immediately remove items to prevent any further destruction. Be sure that if the gas, water or electricity is somehow connected to the garage differently than the main house that these utilities are turned off, as well. And check the integrity of the foundation of the garage floor, the garage roof, any windows, rafters, drywall and any other surface materials.

Do Not Forget the Garage Door and Opener

The garage door and the garage door opener can just as easily experience earthquake garage damage. Be sure to examine both carefully for any potential issues, including an opener shaking loose from the rafters, a garage door moving off the tracks, broken springs, damaged rollers and cables, disconnected or damaged motion sensors and more. And if you want to open the garage door when there is no power or electricity, simply pull the emergency release lever, which may also be a handle, button, cord or other items. This will allow you to pull up the garage door manually.