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Can Moisture Damage Your Garage Door and Lead to Los Angeles Garage Repair?

The garage door keeps rain and wind out of your garage. It protects your car and any equipment in the garage from being damaged. However, once the garage door starts leaking, the moisture that enters the garage can cause structural issues in the garage. Scheduling Los Angeles garage repair while the problem is small can prevent damage to your belongings in the garage.

Reasons Why the Garage Door Is Leaking Moisture: The Seal Is Broken

Your garage door has a rubber seal on its perimeter. Its purpose is to keep out wind and moisture. Heat and UV rays breakdown the rubber. This creates cracks in the seal. You can have the seal replaced by a professional.

The Panels Have Cracks

When garage doors are not insulated, the elements cause the metals in the door to expand and shrink. This can cause cracks in the panels. Wood garage doors have the same issues. These cracks can cause moisture to get in. If there are large cracks or many cracks in the garage door, it needs to be replaced.

The Panels Are Rusted

When your metal panels are rusted, rain can come in during a rainstorm. Even if the panels are wooden, a lock or door handle that is rusty can also cause moisture to get in. If your garage has metal window frames, it can become rusted and allow water in. The moisture enters the framing and can damage the whole garage door.

Like most homeowners, you probably use your garage for storage. Although it is used to house your car, I’m sure it is not the only thing you keep in there. You probably use the garage to store and protect your personal belongings from the elements. Even though a well-structured garage door can keep the elements out, over time a metal door will corrode because of moisture. The rust, as a result of this corrosion, can create a bad situation. Therefore, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible.

Rust will not disappear. Once it takes root, the garage door will continue to become even rustier. The rust can cause holes in the door. Small holes in the garage door will allow even more moisture to enter the garage. If you notice any rust on your door, take care of it.

How Moisture Damages the Objects in Your Garage

When you have holes in your metal garage door due to corrosion, moisture can build in the garage. The metal inside the garage will also corrode. If you notice holes in your garage door, have a professional have a look at it.

If you use the garage to store documents and photographs, moisture in the garage door can cause mildew to destroy to ruin irreplaceable mementos. Mold and mildew can destroy everything in your garage if you let it.

Paint Can’t Fix Rust

When trying to deal with rust, covering it up with paint isn’t going to solve the issue. A can of paint can improve the look of the garage door, but it can only get you so far. You will have to address the moisture issue. Even with patching, there may still be gaps and holes in the door. It is so important to ask a professional to help with the rust issue.

Address the Issue With Los Angeles Garage Repair

A professional can help you remove the rust on your garage door. If the rust isn’t too bad, it is possible to repair the garage door. If the rust is really bad, you may have to have the whole door replaced. The moment you notice rust on the door, call a repair service to look at the problem and offer a solution to it.

Find Out If the Door Needs to Be Replaced

When dealing with natural disasters, you have to take special care to make sure your garage door is not damaged. If there was a flood, check panels to see if they need to be replaced. You can salvage some parts of the door if you can dry it out within 24 hours. Have the garage looked at by a professional. They will let you know the condition of the garage door and if it needs to be replaced.

Check to See If Your Garage Door Has a Warranty

If you have a warranty for your garage door, replace it because it will probably be free. If the door is more than 15 years old, you really should replace it. Water can damage the electrical components. If that is the case, use the warranty to replace the garage door.

The Wrap Up

Moisture can cause damage to your garage door. It can rust a metal garage door. It can cause gaps in a wooden garage door. Once moisture gets into your garage, mold, and mildew will destroy the mementos in your garage. If you see any signs of rust or any gaps in the panels of your garage door, have it looked at by a professional who performs Los Angeles garage door repair.