How Your Garage Door’s Safety Beam Can Slow Everything Down

Your garage door opener can give you a lot of conveniences. For example, you no longer have to open your garage door by hand. But these conveniences can disappear when your garage door experiences issues with its safety beam. One situation in which the safety beam could be the cause of your problems is when your garage door reverses course for no reason. If this happens to you, you will need to call an expert in Los Angeles garage door repair.

Align The Safety Beams

Safety beam issues can come about due to someone accidentally bumping into the beam as they go in and out of the garage. When this happens, the safety beam can get out of alignment.
Oftentimes, you can easily fix the issue. All you may have to do is loosen the wingnut that holds the beam in place, which allows it to get moved back to its proper position.

Keep An Eye Out For Garage Clutter

Sometimes, safety beam issues could occur because an item is blocking it. One or more items could block the beam due to clutter in your garage. The safety beams have a high degree of sensitivity, so even a piece of paper can cause your garage door opener to experience problems. Every so often, clean the beams with a rag.

Find Wiring Issues

While many safety beam issues can get handled fairly quickly, problems with wiring need the attention of a garage door repair professional. If you attempt to handle this type of problem by yourself, you could get unwanted shocks that could cause severe injuries.

When wiring issues come up, a wire might need to get cut at a certain place. Or someone might need to make sure that all the wires are in their proper place. This job is for the garage door repair professional. Calling a technician now can prevent further inconvenience and injury down the road.