Simple Garage Door Maintenance Measures

The garage door of your home is the largest moving part overall. To help make sure it’s offering an easy, safe and reliable way to access your garage, it’s crucial to ensure the door and its opener are properly functioning. These are some of the steps you can take to perform Los Angeles garage door maintenance.

What the Experts Say

Simple routine maintenance items can give Los Angeles garage doors and openers an increased life-span. The International Door Association (IDA) advises that you check and test your system each month. That means taking a look at your garage door springs, cables, rollers, opener, and pulleys if signs of wear appear. The IDA also mentions that ensuring garage doors in Los Angeles are balanced and lubricated is vital. You should also address any additional steps listed in your owner’s manual concerning Los Angeles garage repair.

How to Lubricate the Bearings, Chains and Rollers

The IDA suggests routinely lubricating every moving part of your garage door when maintenance is performed. This encompasses bearings, rollers, springs, chains and hinges. Place a drop of oil on every roller, so the oil will be pulled onto the bearings as they move. Lightly lubricate the springs and hinges so the system has less of a chance of getting jammed. Manufacturers advise using a silicone type of lubricant or light oil for springs, chains and hinges, but should not be used on plastic sections.

How to Clean and Inspect the Tracks and Springs

The IDA says that an excellent way to help stop malfunctions from wear is through carrying out regular visual inspections of the tracks, springs and other door fittings. There’s no clear way to estimate how long your springs will subsist. Monthly Los Angeles garage door inspections are the best way to detect any arising issues. If you notice any issues with your springs, the IDA suggests calling a licensed technician to take care of replacements or repairs due to the high tension the springs sustain.