Why Your Garage Door Is Making Odd Noises

All garage door openers are going to produce some type of noise. In previous decades this did not make a difference as many garages were detached, but in the last 20-25 years, most single-family houses are constructed with attached garages. The following are some suggestions for making your garage door quieter in Los Angeles.

Fitting Nylon Rollers

One way to make the door quieter is to install nylon rollers instead of the existing steel rollers during a Los Angeles garage door repair. Many doors have steel rollers in place right out of the factory. The primary origin of noise comes from the steel wheels as they roll on the steel tracks. That noise can be lowered a bit by putting a small amount of oil right on the horizontal tracks. Lubricate the wheels of the rollers. Steel on steel is ultimately going to produce some noise. Installing nylon rollers is going to be costlier than steel rollers, but lowering the noise can be worth the investment.

Making the Opener Noise Quieter

Another likely cause of noise is your garage door opener. Whether it be old or new, a certain level of hum and vibration is always transmitted from the motor. The noise can be particularly apparent right above the garage. This is because the vibration goes through the mounting angle to the ceiling and the room above. The garage fix in Los Angeles we’ve found is best is hanging the opener at an angle with bungee straps. You’ll want to get stronger bungee cords that are shorter to ensure they aren’t stretching too much. Two bungee cords are ideal for best results. One for hanging the opener and one placed around the opener body on the bottom to support it and reduce any side to side shifts.