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Find a Noisy Door Solution for Your Garage

Hearing strange sounds when using your garage door isn’t normal as it signifies a problem. You can find a noisy door solution or a few to rectify this issue.

What’s the Best Noisy Door Solution?

It’s important to acknowledge that whenever you need garage door repair Long Beach has options. A professional should do these fixes for you as it’s safer and more effective. You can avoid running into additional problems or potential accidents and injuries when relying on a professional.

Tighten Up Nuts and Bolts

A good noisy door solution involves tightening up nuts and bolts that hold the door in place on the garage. It may be something as simple as tightening screws. The bolts and screws in the track of your garage door can be tightened with a wrench and socket. Often, this fix returns the door to opening and closing quietly.

Add Lubrication Where Needed

Sometimes, this issue has a simple fix: lubricate the parts. If you have a grinding or squeaking noise when opening and closing your garage door, lubricating the rollers and other components that move might be all you need. A professional can gauge which lubricant you need to silence your garage door.

Inspect the Door Hinges

The door hinges may be another issue causing the garage door to make odd noises. A noisy door fix can be to tighten it or to lubricate the problematic hinge. Your professional will inspect the garage door hinges to determine the exact problem and fix it.

When your garage door makes a lot of screeching, scraping, squeaking or grinding noises, it can really be bothersome in more ways than one. Fortunately, each of these options serves as a noisy door solution that can restore your garage door so that it functions quietly again.