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When to Schedule a Garage Door Repair in South Beach

It is safe to say that your home garage door is pretty much always on the move. Continual use and constant wear and tear on the system will inevitably lead to the need for maintenance and repairs from time to time. Understanding how often you can expect these types of repairs can help you better gauge the health of your garage door and budget for any routine or immediately necessary repair needs that may arise. Here are a few tips from the specialists in garage door repair in South Beach to keep you in the know about garage door health.

Routine Maintenance Schedules for Your Garage Door

The best way to ward off more catastrophic and expensive repairs is to stick to a routine of garage door inspections and maintenance. You may be able to tackle some of these regular maintenance tasks on your own while other jobs may require the help of professionals, but either way, keeping a regular schedule will help ensure the overall health of your garage door system for many years to come.

Most garage door companies suggest that homeowners give their garage door a thorough once-over twice a year or, at the very minimum, annually. Calling a qualified service technician will help you make sure all the bases are covered, and any necessary updates and repairs are made quickly and correctly.

Whether you decide to take on the maintenance jobs yourself or bring in a garage door technician, there are numerous checkpoints you never want to miss during your inspection. Start with a complete inspection throughout the system, checking for stretched or rusting springs, loose cables or screws, door track or photo eye misalignment, and loose or damaged door panels. It will also be a good idea to lubricate the various moving parts twice a year when you complete the inspection and during basic maintenance to keep everything functioning smoothly.

Understanding the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

Your garage door system is comprised of many moving parts with various and differing lifespans. Keeping an eye on the age of those many parts can help you keep the system running well by replacing old parts before they have a chance to completely break down and cause further damage.

Garage doors themselves can often last several decades, some as long as 30 years, under optimal conditions and if properly maintained. Basic maintenance and upkeep will help to extend the life of the door tremendously. You will know it is time to replace the door if you find the door is sagging, damaged by a storm or other incident, or if the door seems warped in some way. If that is the case, consult your specialists in garage door repair in South Beach for suggestions and estimates for installing a new garage door.

A garage door motor also typically offers an extended lifespan with most running well for 15 years or more. Again, regular maintenance and attention to needed upkeep are important to be able to get the most performance out of your garage door motor. If your motor begins making loud noises, smoking or just refuses to work altogether, it may be time for a complete motor replacement.

Various Door Components That Need Timely Garage Door Repair in South Beach

While the garage door itself and the motor offer a long usage time, other components within your garage door system will need to be replaced far more frequently. While these fixes are typically less expensive than large overhaul repairs, staying on top of maintenance and inspections will help you identify any potential problems before they become bigger, and more expensive, issues.

Garage door springs do a lot of the work in the garage door system and will, therefore, require more frequent repairs by a professional technician. Depending on the amount of usage, garage door springs should be replaced every five to nine years. If springs start stretching or breaking, regardless of the timeframe, they will need to be replaced quickly to avoid injury or damage.

Rollers in your garage door system also have a typical lifespan of 5-10 years, on average, and require a professional garage door repair in Los Angeles when they need replacing. Depending on which type of roller you choose to use, you may be able to extend the needed replacement window as far out as 20 years. Replacing the rollers also helps with keeping your garage door track properly aligned and working smoothly, which will help avoid excessive friction and extend the life of the track itself.

Other components, such as cables, hardware, hinges and pulleys, offer similar lifespans of 5-10 years depending on the usage. Weather stripping may require replacement more frequently after only a few seasons depending on your climate and the weather you face throughout the year.

Again, a good regular inspection and maintenance program will be your best defense against frequent repair bills. Identifying and fixing problems early will help you save time and money when it does come time to call in the professionals for garage door service in Los Angeles.