Can Garage Doors Close on Their Own?

Garages are often an easy target for thieves. Many Los Angeles garage repair calls have been made because the doors were damaged by someone trying to gain access. Sometimes, homeowners make it even easier on criminals by leaving their doors wide open while they’re at work or at night. Even someone who may not target your home may find the allure of easy pickings difficult to resist. Everyone is forgetful from time to time, so is garage door automation a solution?

Garage Doors Can Be Automated

Any garage door that can be opened and closed via a remote control has the foundation in place to be automated. In fact, many garage door openers on the market communicate via Wi-Fi so that you can open and close them from your smartphone no matter the proximity. Many such products have programming built in, or it can be achieved through another app. If you don’t have such functionality, it’s often possible for a professional to add it via an upgrade kit.

Garage Door Automation Is Safe

Some homeowners are concerned that automation may be unsafe, but it’s just as safe as remote operation. Most garage doors have sensors in place that detect obstructions and prevent the door from closing when an obstacle is present.

What Happens When a Door Can’t Close?

Many modern garage door openers are smart or can be upgraded to be smart. In the context of a smart home, this means that the opener can notify you that it cannot close. It can send an email or an SMS message. It’s even possible for such alerts to be integrated with home security.

Is a Garage Door Closer Worthwhile?

Most experts agree that even a basic mechanical closer is worthwhile. This is because the garage doors are open in the majority of residential crimes where access is gained through the garage.