How Garage Door Professionals Repair and Maintain Different Garage Doors

All garage doors have to do is move up and down over and over; they enjoy relatively easy lives. However, just like other equipment, they require periodical maintenance and repair. Their utilitarian nature necessitates a timely Los Angeles garage door repair. Below are some of the different door designs and their respective repair techniques.

1. Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage house design illustrates a historical creation of a traditional wood house garage door; it is, however, constructed out of steel. This design allows you to enjoy the eye-catching charm offered by carriage doors without incurring the expense of maintaining a wooden door.

The steel door requires very low maintenance. Its groove joints and steel tongue enhance the door’s strength and offer a weather seal. The groove joints and steel tongue might wear with time; accordingly, it is important to consult garage door technicians when replacing damaged groove joints and steel tongues.

2. Glass Garage Doors

Glass doors, through their modern feel, can transform any home. A glass garage door will allow you to capture natural sunlight and reflect a soft glow at night. Given that there are different options, you can decide the best degree of light in your garage in addition to providing the privacy you need. They are built with aluminum frames thus making them long lasting and low maintenance. They, however, require integral reinforcing so as to increase its strength and longevity.

Broken rollers, cables, and springs are a common issue with glass doors. Given that these parts are often under great tension, it is important to replace them immediately they wear.

3. Wooden Garage Doors

If you decide to have a wooden garage door, you will have to consult garage door technicians often. Some of the repair and maintenance techniques for such traditional doors include garage door seals, weather stripping, staining, and painting.