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Fender Bender Garage Door Repair in South Beach

No matter the severity of the accident, it’s always wise to thoroughly check your vehicle for damage. Not all damages are apparent, and some get overlooked in the heat of the moment. The same applies to your garage’s door. If you accidentally back into it, don’t take the situation lightly. There might be a clear need for a garage door repair in South Beach. There are various way to damage your door when you didn’t intend to. Just be aware that professionals will also help you in these situations. Calling them and being frank with them will cost you nothing.

Stop Everything—Find a Place of Safety

Turn your vehicle off and put it in park but away from the garage door. Do not go into the road if that will be a hazard to you or your vehicle. Follow Los Angeles laws if other vehicles are involved, and always be truthful and transparent. In such cases, you cannot leave the scene until law enforcement has been contacted and arrives. Now check to see if your door has settled down or is still running. If it’s running, do not try to manually stop it or pass under it. Enter through the front door to access the garage. Now turn off any powered door openers.

Safely Try to Operate Your Door Again

The first thing you’ll want to know is if the door is even working anymore. Through your remote or smartphone, give your door a command, and see what it does. If it continues to move and close in a repeated cycle, shut it back off. If you have to manually operate it, however, be careful not to put yourself in harm’s way. A broken door can fall back on you, so don’t ever try to lift one when you know it’s failing. When it stops halfway while opening or closing, there could be issues with the springs. Springs are dangerous when broken, so call a professional to work on them.

The Electronics and Sensors

The sensors of your door help to detect moving objects, and this detection can protect you and the door. When your door is lowering, for example, the sensors can stop that door if something tries to pass under it while it’s moving. Operate the door, and see how the sensors respond when you put an extended pole or broom under the door’s pathway. You will need emergency garage repairs if the sensors have been damaged. These sensors read your vehicle’s presence, the remote controllers you have and even any stray pets passing by.

The Tracks and Rollers

Tracks are used to guide your door in a specific path as it opens and closes. These are, essentially, metal rails with grooves in them that small wheels get placed into. When these rails are offset, you’ll find that your door will stop or delay as it’s working. There’s certainly a grave problem if the door does nothing when you command it. Call for a garage door repair in South Beach if you find damaged tracks. In such cases, it’s necessary for you to replace these rails. Until you do, your door might remain open and become a risk factor for unwanted theft.

Look for Proper Alignment

Your door should create a good seal between outside and the inside of your garage. Any gaps you see should be noted. These gaps create security risks, and they will also let heat and AC escape your home. Misalignments will also result in the door not operating as it should. Be it through bent components, broken springs or bad cables, poor alignment needs to be resolved. You might not need emergency services to correct the issue, but you will need a contractor to stabilize your door. Until proper tools and a replacement arrive, your door must be secured.

Assessing Individual Panels and Hinges

At times, your door’s damage is localized to one area of the door, and this could be a few panels. Panels are individual slabs that ensure your door’s flexibility as it moves. These panels can be replaced, but you have to assess your door for dents and bends. Before scheduling your garage door repair in South Beach, try to find all of the panels you can assess. You’ll need to report these issues with as much clarity as possible. Your contractor will then have a better idea regarding the tools and additional panels that they’ll need to bring. This includes more hinges.

Damage Done to Your Actual Vehicle

No matter the vehicle model you have, your car could be damaged in the process of hitting the garage door. Do a thorough assessment of your car and door alike. Some vehicle damages won’t appear to the naked eye. Finding damage calls for you to check behind the front or rear bumper. Look at the undercarriage, and lift up the hood or trunk. After checking your lights by switching your beams on, see if there are any marks left on your vehicle. The damage done dictates if you’ll need insurance for the door or for the car.

Have a Professional Take a Look

If you haven’t had a contractor inspect your door, now is an ideal time. Your assessment is important, but a professional opinion is invaluable. You might know that your door isn’t working as it should, but you might not be able to see where or how. A professional contractor can assess your door and guide you when you need a garage door repair in Los Angeles. Your Los Angeles garage repair should not be delayed or based on inaccurate information. Document the incident if this ensures that you convey as much relevant information as possible.

Are You and Your Garage Door Insured?

Homeowner’s insurance is what you need if you fear the likelihood of damage being incurred to your garage door. Having your vehicle insured is also recommended but only required if the car is what was disfigured. Just keep in mind that small repairs aren’t usually covered, so take caution to contact your insurer only for severe door damages. You will learn even more about your options as you schedule a garage door repair in South Beach.

Scheduling Your Garage Door Repair in South Beach

Be sure to speak with a contractor about the incident and what measures you can take. Anytime you’re unsure about what you can do, look for licensed and insured professionals. These contractors give you the chance of assessing problems before you actually get your checkbook involved. Whatever you do, don’t wait. Seek help as soon as you can, and work from there.