Keep Your Garage Door Operational With These Repair Solutions

The seamless operation of automatic garage doors is vital for most families. When a door does not open properly, it is inconvenient and potentially dangerous as well. The cost of repairing a door at the first sign of trouble is usually much less than allowing the problem to continue until the door is completely nonfunctional. Here are some common challenges with garage doors and the repair solutions to help with them.

Doors Have Come Off Track

One of the most common and frustrating challenges with automatic garage doors is when they come off track. This can happen due to a problem with the track installation, a malfunctioning motor or rollers, a change in the door itself due to damage or abuse, and a host of other reasons. Buildings and structures change slightly over time as they settle into the ground or foundation. This simple adjustment can cause a track to shift or lean, resulting in a crooked garage door. A successful garage door repair in Long Beach begins with recognizing the source of the problem.

Delayed or Noisy Doors

New noises, especially when they are unpleasant, upon open or closing an automatic garage door could be a definite indicator of trouble. Depending on the type of noise, and the general operation of the door, this problem could be the result of a few different mechanisms. An aging or overheated motor is generally a source of noise. Likewise, rollers and tracks that are slightly askew may make a grinding noise at the resistance to opening or closing. Locating the source of the noise is the first step to making a viable repair.

Discovering a problem with your automatic garage door may be frustrating but is certainly only a temporary inconvenience. Catching a problem early is by far the best alternative, and finding a reputable garage door repair company in the local area is simple. The solution could be something as easy as lubricating tracks and rollers or making small adjustments to secure the tracks.