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Repairing Your Garage Door After a Garage Fire

There’s no doubt about it; a home garage fire can cause not only serious injury but damage depending on where it originates. One of the most common areas of the home, other than the kitchen, that experience fires is the garage. Because of chemicals and exposed electronics, fires can quickly grow and cause some serious damage, especially to the garage door. Therefore, the following includes some of the best ways to repair a garage door damaged by a garage fire.

A Garage Fire Damages Panels

Perhaps the most common issue that you’re going to face after a fire is the warping of the garage door panels. Warping occurs when intense heat is placed on the panels, and they become weak and lose their shape. Through some time and effort you can usually straighten out the door panels rather easily, but if you have a metal door, then you should seek the services of a company that provides garage door repairs in Long Beach as these are much more difficult to repair.

Power Washing

Even if you are able to take care of the fire on time, you are likely to have some smoke damage to the garage door. In this case, the damage is minimal and can be taken care of with a few cleanings from a power wash. It should be noted that using a power wash machine is the best route to take due to the fact that smoke and soot are very difficult to remove with a simple hose.

Severe Garage Damage

In the event that heavy streams of water were used to take control of the fire, you may see that there was severe damage done to the garage door. A combination of fire, smoke, and powerful streams of water, such as those from a firetruck, can damage your door beyond repair. In this case, you should avoid using is as tension springs can snap suddenly, thus sending the door crashing down.