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Common Issues for Garage Repair in Los Angeles

When it comes to living in southern California, there’s a high probability that when you purchase a home, it’s going to come with a garage. Having a garage is a great convenience to have as it can serve as several things. For example, homeowners can use it to protect their car, as a storage area, or even as a workstation. However, no matter what you choose to use it for, it’s likely that you’re going to experience problems with it at some point. Although inevitable, it still pays to understand these issues. The following includes some of the most common garage issues that garage repair Los Angeles companies tend to have to deal with.

Heat, Humidity and What Garage Repair Los Angeles Companies Recommend

Those who live within southern California are no strangers to high temperatures. In fact, many grow up understanding how to protect certain things such as their cars and lawn from being damaged by the intense heat. However, if you’re a new homeowner owning a garage for the first time, you may not understand the damage that heat and humidity can cause to a garage door over time. That is why garage repair Los Angeles companies recommend that this issue is understood. One of the issues that you’re likely going to encounter are problems with sensors. When there is a lot of sunlight shining on your garage door, your door sensors may begin to become confused, thinking that an object is obstructing the door and thus will have difficulty moving up or down. Another common issue is power surges during the summer months. A power surge can severely damage your door, and thus it is recommended to install a single-plug surge protector.

Lack of Lubrication on Components

Although homeowners should make sure that they are lubricating their garage door components throughout the year, it is especially important to do so during the hotter months. Garage door service Los Angeles companies will often go on calls to repair components that were damaged from a lack of lubrication. This is because when components such as your tension springs are not properly lubricated, they will tend to create much more friction and heat throughout the day. This is especially more damaging for those living within hotter climates such as southern California.

Unresponsive Pin Pads

As stated above, sunny days can cause issues with your outdoor garage door sensors. However, that is not the only thing that the sun and heat can damage. Another issue to look out for are issues with your garage door pin pad. When temperatures go above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, issues with outdoor devices may begin to occur. One of those includes the expansion of plastics and other components within the pin pad, which can lead to your door having issues properly opening and closing. Over time, those wires can also begin to get damaged because of the rubbing of other components.

Wooden Garage Door Cracking and Rotting

Wooden garage doors are one of the most desirable doors in the market, but they can also be extremely difficult to take care of. If you’re a homeowner with a wooden door in southern California, you may be dealing with a lot of moisture due to the intense heat. This can quickly cause the wood to begin cracking and rotting if it’s not taken care of immediately. One of the best ways to combat this is to make sure that you are applying a weather-resistant finish to both sides.

Misaligned Garage Door Tracks May Require Professionals From Garage Repair Los Angeles Companies

One of the most important parts of your garage door is the tracking system. The tracks allow your door to smoothly move up and down. However, there are cases in which the tracks become misaligned. Although it can be a frustrating thing to deal with at first, the problem actually becomes worse over time. So, how can you tell if you have a misaligned garage door track? The tall tale sign will often include a loud squeaking noise each time you open and close the door. Because this can be a complicated issue to take care of on your own, it is highly recommended to call in professionals.

Damaged Tension Springs

Earlier, we spoke about how heat can cause damage to your tension springs. Still, it is important to go deeper into this particular issue as it can not only be a frustrating issue to deal with but also a dangerous one. There are a couple of reasons why your tension springs may begin to give you trouble. Some of those include lack of lubrication and normal wear and tear. When a tension spring snaps, it will let out a loud noise and often cause damage to whatever is near it. That is why it is important to catch issues with your tension springs beforehand. Some signs of a damaged spring include visible damage and a very slow/fast moving door. If you notice these issues, it is highly recommended to call a professional garage door repair service company to take care of the problem.