Stucco BuildingsGarage Recommendations for Stucco Buildings

Stucco buildings have excellent insulation and an attractive finish. Plus, the dense material makes it possible to minimize noise pollution when residing near a busy street. Yet, what if you have a garage extension in your home? Could you apply the stucco sidings to it? Indeed, you can. Here are some of the ways you can build your garage with the stucco walls.

Why Should You Opt for Stucco Garages?

When you want an elegant and clean garage, then a stucco siding is your best pick. For, not only is it easy to install, the material is quite durable, lasting up to 50 years after installation. Meaning, you may have to work on your garage’s siding only once after you install it.

Next, stucco sidings comprise of several insulation layers that help to regulate the temperature in your garage. More so, when you live in an area that experiences drastic weather changes in a short period.

Third, stucco sidings are fire-resistant. Hence, if your home is in an area prone to forest fires, or a crowded neighborhood, you are safer with such materials.

Finally, a stucco siding can turn your garage space into a living area. That way, you can set up your workstation at your garage. It will look as elegant as other modern offices.

Installation Tips

Ensure your foundation is firm before installing stucco siding for your garage. For, stucco is brittle. In turn, it may cause cracks or swell due to the unsettled foundation.

To prevent considerable cracks forming on your stucco garage, ask a reputable contractor who does garage repair in Los Angeles to fix it. They will use the appropriate mix ratios when installing the material. Plus, they use a damp cure to your fresh sidings.

Never install a stucco siding in your garage. Instead, get a professional to do the job. Indeed, the installation takes place in layers. It is a labor and time-consuming task that requires lots of patience from the contractor.

Never clean your stucco siding garage using a high-pressure washer. Instead, look for a medium brush and apply water to the walls using a garden hose.

Paint your stucco garage with your chosen paint to bring out your theme. This paint will not affect the quality of your stucco building.


Stucco buildings have an elegant look that makes your home stand out. Hence, you can extend the aesthetic look to your garage space. Then, ensure you work with a contractor for a perfect installation.