When Should a Garage Door Be Replaced?

Garage doors are an effective tool in helping to keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout the year. They may also ensure that your garage remains a secure space to store tools, bikes or other valuable goods. However, at some point, you will likely need to replace your home’s garage door. How do you know when the time has come to upgrade your garage door?

Upgrade Your Garage Door After 15 Years

It may be time to upgrade your garage door if the current one has been on your home for 15 years or more. This is because a door’s useful life is about 15 to 20 years under normal conditions. If you live in an area that has experienced significant rainfall or excessive humidity your garage door may need to be replaced even sooner.

The Door Shows Signs of Damage

If your garage door is showing signs of water, pest or any other types of damage, it may be possible to fix the issue. A garage door repair South Beach service provider may be able to come to your home and assess the extent of the damage. In the event that the cost of repairing the damage is more than simply getting a new door, it may be best to get a new door.

Have Your Door Inspected Regularly

Ideally, you will have your garage door inspected on an annual basis to ensure that it is free of physical damage or other issues. An inspection may also make it possible to discover problems with sensors, metal components or electrical components. It is generally a good idea to have inspections done in the spring or fall months.