How an LA Homeowner Can Protect Their Garage Doors From Heat

As an LA homeowner, you already know how to beat the heat. But what you may not know is that your garage door also needs protection from the sun. That’s because extreme heat can keep your garage door from working properly. This article will teach you how to take care of your garage door on the hot days of California.

First, check your owner’s manual to see if there’s anything you should do to your garage door in certain types of weather. Your garage door might operate differently in hot weather as one example. But whatever type of garage door you have, make sure you lubricate it year-round. Get a heat-safe lubricant so that your door doesn’t create excess friction.

Garage Door Parts in the LA Heat

Does your door make strange sounds and movements? Some parts of your garage door could enlarge in the hot weather. As these parts move and grow, your garage door could be thrown off balance. If your garage door stops working properly, it’s best to get a technician from a garage door service in Los Angeles to come and look at your garage door.

Garage Door Sensors and the LA Heat

Sunlight can also cause problems for an LA homeowner garage door’s sensor. Those sensors stop your garage door from moving in the event that something gets in its way. When your sensors work properly, it doesn’t crush objects or people that have the bad luck to get in its way.

If you see your garage door close and then open before it descends all the way, it might be due to the fact that the California sun is interfering with your garage door sensors. Place something in the way of the sun so that the sensors can work as it should.

How an LA Homeowner Can Take Care of A Wooden Garage Door

Do you have a wooden garage door? It will need year-round maintenance, but it will also need special care during the summer months. Moisture can soak into the door’s wood and this can lead to rotting. Give your garage door a heat-resistant finish to combat this problem. Put the finish on the inside of your garage door as moisture could also get into that area.