repairmen work on garage door cables

How to Adjust Garage Door Cables

If you’ve never heard the term “garage door cables,” you may be wondering what exact function they perform. The cable is the component that helps to bring the garage door up and down safely. However, after a while, the cables begin to loosen, which creates a potentially dangerous situation. This is why it is important to have a professional come in and conduct an inspection and repair on your cables.

Put Into Manual Mode

The very first thing your garage door repair Los Angeles repair technician will do is look for the manual mode string hanging from the garage door opener. This will convert your door into manual mode, which can then allow them to safely start working with the torsion springs without the risk of sudden movement.

Secure the Track and Roller System

Even in manual mode, the door can suddenly start moving. This is where c-clamps come into play. The repair technician will attach the c-clamps to the tracks just beneath the rollers, thus preventing the door from moving. They will keep these on for the duration of the repair.

Disconnect the Cord

This step requires the repair technician to disconnect the door cables that are attached to the rollers and the rest of the garage door frame. However, they will first look for small holes around a frame in which they can attach the cable, thus preventing it from simply hanging loose.

Adjust and Tighten the Cables

Perhaps the most difficult part, and the main reason why you should always hire a professional to adjust your cables, is the tightening step of the repair. This is because tightening too much or too little can lead to a very dangerous situation occurring in the future. Remember that frame that has the hook? The repair technician is going to use a pair of pliers to loosen the bracket. At this point, they’ll pull the cable through the bracket and tighten the cable. Once it is tightened enough, they will then grab the disconnected cable and reattach it to the hook.