Ways to Identify if Your Garage Door is Unbalanced

Your garage door may be used on a daily basis, but over time it can begin to have problems. Many garage doors can become unbalanced due to issues that form on the track and with the parts. If you want to determine if your garage door is out of balance, there are a few common signs to look for as a homeowner.

It’s Slanted

One of the easiest ways to determine if your garage door is out of balance is if it looks slanted or crooked when it’s halfway open. Take a look at the exterior of your house to evaluate the look of the garage door. If it looks awkward or unusual, it’s an indicator that an internal issue is likely present. It may not shut completely if it’s slanted and needs to be repaired.

Unusual Noises

Unbalanced garage doors are prone to making unusual noises because their parts don’t operate correctly. The garage door may become louder when it’s opened or closed and can appear to be working harder than necessary. If the problem isn’t addressed and repaired with professional¬†garage door service Los Angeles, the parts can become permanently damaged and need replacement. A professional will need to diagnose the issue and perform the necessary repairs to prevent the problem from escalating.

Manual Labor

You may notice that it’s become increasingly more challenging to open or close the door each time. You likely need to force the garage door open any time you want to get inside, which is a common sign that there’s an issue with the springs. There may also be a problem with the motor because it can no longer lift the weight of the garage door. In some cases, the door may also stop opening or closing and can be impossible to attempt to lift on your own.