Garage Door Security Features to Consider

Garage Doors have long been considered by many to be among the least secure components of a home. While this might have once been true, current garage doors can be equipped with numerous security features that make the garage door just as secure as the rest of your home. While different garage doors come with different security features, there are several features that should be at the top of your list when searching for a new door.

Special Release System

Most garage doors are built with a manual operating system that allows the door to be opened by hand if ever the power goes out. Even though this system is equipped inside the garage door, it was possible for thieves to access the emergency release cord by inserting a thin wire hanger under the door and pulling the cord down. Some modern doors have fixed this issue by implementing a trolley system wherein the cord is pulled back as opposed to down, which eliminates the problem and still allows the manual system to be easy to operate.

Advanced Locking Mechanism

If you have a keypad for your garage door, some garage doors come with an advanced locking mechanism that allows you to shut down all door remotes while leaving only the keypad operational. This feature is typically located on the wall station for the garage door. If one of your remotes is stolen, this mechanism will keep you protected.

Wireless Technology With Encryption Features

If your garage door is paired with an advanced remote that opens the door with a code, it’s possible for this code to be intercepted by hackers. As such, look for garage door openers that come with encryption features and rolling codes to ensure your door is kept as secure as possible. Once you’ve selected the door of your choice, the company you hire for garage door service in Los Angeles should be reputable and have an extensive amount of experience in garage door installations. If the door isn’t installed properly, you won’t get the full benefits of the door’s security features.