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The addition of lights installed just outside garages has grown very popular in recent years. You can choose complementary lighting to make your garage safer and more attractive.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Lighting to Complement Your Garage

Outdoor lighting is an important feature for the exterior of your home. However, it’s also good to add it to your garage. You can use these tips to choose complementary lights to add to the area surrounding your garage door.

los angeles garage door repairChoose an Outdoor Lighting Style

First, you should choose an outdoor lighting style that fits with the decor of your garage. Do you want something simple and traditional in a rectangular or oval shape with an iron basket setting? Perhaps, you prefer something that is more contemporary that offers aesthetic appeal to your garage, such as a round or cylindrical shape that is free-standing.

Choose the Finish

You must be careful to select the type of finish you want in your outdoor lighting. It should be in a color that will complement your garage and even your house if you’re looking for added property value. Black and silver are probably the most popular options, but you can also choose gold or bronze. Black and silver are considered “safe” colors because they match with anything. However, if you have a color scheme that includes a lot of brown, bronze might be your best choice.

Decide How Many You Need

Next, you should decide how many lights you need for your garage’s outdoor lighting. Think about the size of your garage to determine the answer. If you have a two-door garage, you might want two lights, one situated on either side. If your garage only accommodates one car, a single lantern style light or medium-sized floodlight should suffice.

Consider the Size

Not all sizes of outdoor lighting work depending on the size of your garage. Of course, your personal taste can also determine what size you get. A good rule of thumb is to stand several feet back from your garage to choose a size that would work well in the location where your lighting will sit. Take measurements of your garage when you need garage repair in Los Angeles and go from there.

Match Up With Existing Outdoor LightingLos Angeles garage repair

Chances are that you already have lighting around your home. Many homeowners enjoy matching up the lights around their garage with what they already have outside. It offers more aesthetic appeal.

Once you consider all these factors, your garage’s outdoor lighting will be spectacular.


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