Installing a Security Camera on Your Garage Door

The area around the garage door is often the first place a thieve will make himself known. Thus, it is important that your security measures begin there. In addition, cameras are also a great tool to have when insurance companies require proof of damage by another person or object. The following includes important information regarding security camera placements, quality, and much more.

Optimal Placement for a Security Camera

One of the first challenges a homeowner faces when it comes to security cameras is choosing the most optimal placement for it. After all, you don’t want your investment to be for nothing. Often times a camera is placed on the top of a front or back door; however, when it comes to a garage door that takes a lot of space, placement is key. The best location for a camera is on the sides of a garage door. This will allow you not only to hide the fact that there’s a camera but that it also provides you with a larger view of the garage door area. So, in the event the thief is simply walking around scoping the place, you can still capture them on either side. Lastly, when a company that performs garage door repair in South Beach is installing your cameras, make sure the installation process includes placing them high up and out of reach.

Focus on Quality

No matter how long a person has stood in front of your camera, if the quality isn’t good, then the captured film is useless. Always make sure that your camera captures high-quality video both during the day and the night. In addition, you must also concentrate on the focusing of the camera itself. There are many affordable security cameras that provide autofocus depending on how far away a person or object is from the point of view.