Troubleshooting a Garage Door That Will Not Close

In most cases, garage doors will perform flawlessly for years. However, some homeowners discover that their garage doors will not shut; either the door is stuck open or it will not shut in totality. There are a few different issues that might cause this problem with a few of them being easy to fix. Garage doors should be fixed as soon as possible as an open door could lead to damaged or stolen possessions.

Is Anything Blocking the Garage Door?

Many times, something is left in the path of the door if it will not shut completely. If the garage door continues to stop at a particular point, look within the path of the door for any obstructions. If nothing is visible, closely inspect the door’s tracks for jammed objects. Something as simple as the handlebar of a bike might be blocking the track, preventing the door from closing completely.

Does the Door Have Power?

If the garage door is powered by electricity, it is important to ensure that the motor is receiving power. If the door is not receiving power, it will not open; be sure that the motor is properly plugged in, and that the rest of the house has power. It is important to check for tripped breakers, too. If the door still isn’t receiving power and there is a potential problem with the motor, the homeowner may need to find a company that specializes in garage door repair in Los Angeles. The motor and door can then be inspected.

Is There Damage to the Door?

If there was a recent accident involving the garage door, it may not be aligned with the track correctly or the door may not be able to move due to damage to the panels. Damage of this nature is usually identified shortly after any mishap.

If a homeowner is unable to diagnose the issue, they must have the door repaired by a local service as soon as possible in order to protect their possessions within the garage.