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Tips for Keeping Your Garage Door Tracks Rust-Free

Rusty garage door tracks make your garage door work much harder than it has to whenever your door is opened or closed. Accumulated rust on tracks can also make your garage door noisier as it operates. Additionally, rust is a problem because it accelerates wear and tear and increases the odds of experiencing serious garage door problems.

If you live in an area where rain or snow is common, your garage door is at a greater risk of rusting. This is also true if you live near the ocean. Salt is one of the main components of generating rust on garage doors and cars. Inspect your garage every few months and follow these top garage door track rust prevention tips to keep your track in the best shape possible:


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Lubricate Your Garage Door Tracks

The simplest way to keep your garage door tracks free of rust is to lubricate them on a regular basis. Look for a lubricant that’s specially formulated for use on garage door components. Spray all parts that need to run along the tracks along with the tracks themselves. This will prevent rust from being transferred while also allowing all components to glide smoothly. It’s recommended that you reapply lubricant every three to four months.


Check Your Door’s Weatherstripping

Garage door tracks in Los Angeles are susceptible to moisture exposure each time your door is opened and closed. You can’t do anything about this, but what you can do is prevent additional moisture exposure when your garage door isn’t being used by making sure your weatherstripping is still doing its job. Look for signs of cracks or areas where weatherstripping has completely worn away.



Have Your Tracks and Other Parts Inspected Precision Garage Doors

Rust isn’t always obvious. It could be “hiding” on parts you can’t easily or safely inspect yourself. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a company that specializes in garage repair in Los Angeles check your garage door’s tracks and other key parts at least once a year. Taking this step can reduce your risk of having unexpected issues with your tracks. You’ll also save money since it’s much more cost-effective to deal with small issues, like rust that needs to be removed or a part or two that needs to be replaced, sooner instead of later.

What to Do If You Find Rust on Your Garage Door

If you find rust on your garage door or suspect there is rust on your tracks, call a garage door repair company to provide a full inspection. They will be able to assist in attempting to remove the rust or provide helpful insight on the next steps to repairing the damage to the garage door.

Some smaller rust spots that are caught early may be able to be removed with soap and water. If you have white vinegar, you can also dip a steel wool pad and wipe the rust repeatedly until all rust is gone. Be sure not to use cider or spiced vinegar to attempt to get rid of the rust spots.


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