Your garage door is the largest entrance for would-be thieves to take advantage of. Read on to learn how to make sure that your garage door and your home is well-protected by security features.

Security Features to Add to Your Garage Door

Potential burglars have choices when it comes to breaking into your home, but their favorite is the garage door. Why? Because it is so easy to scope out the place as well as open the door. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure it’s not too easy for them to accomplish their goal. Read on to learn the various security features you can begin to add to your garage door.

Security Features That Prevent Fishing

Fishing, in terms of garage door burglaries, is the act of pulling a strengthen out hanger through the top of your door in order to press the manual lever. This allows someone to simply lift up your garage door and walk right in. A good security feature to have in order to prevent this is a divider between the entrance of the door and the actual lever. Doing this will prevent any type of hanger or other objects from reaching it.

Secure Garage Door Windows

Garage door windows are a great addition to any home, but they are also a security risk. Clear windows allow would-be thieves to simply look inside and see if you are worth breaking into. The best thing you can do is to cover the windows. However, most don’t want to lose that precious natural light. Therefore, your second-best choice is to simply frost the windows. Window frosting allows light to pour in while blocking the view of the inside. Seek the services of a garage door service Los Angeles company to make sure it’s applied properly.

Go High-Tech

Possibly the best way to detour would-be thieves from even entering your property is to show them that they are being watched. Security cameras today are more than just cams that record. Innovations in technology are allowing people to see live feeds of the situation and even speak to the people in real-time. Other more advanced garage door security features app software that allows you to turn on lights and contact the local police department in the event that you’re away from your home.