Avoiding Garage Door Damage When Driving in Reverse

A garage door can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Damage to a vehicle can also cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you are always aware of your surroundings before attempting to back out of or into a garage.

Make Use of Rearview Cameras and Other Features

The easiest way to keep yourself from backing into a garage door is to use your rearview mirror. You can also use your rearview camera to see what’s behind you if your vehicle has one. In addition to not hitting your garage door, a camera may also reveal any people or other objects in your vehicle’s path. It is also a good idea to physically look around the car or truck before driving in reverse.

Open the Garage Door Before Getting in the Car

You can’t hit your garage door if it is already open. If you are coming into the garage from the driveway, use your remote opener to lift the door up before turning on the vehicle. If you are coming out of the garage to the driveway, use the opener in the garage before you get inside of your car. This can be a good strategy because it isn’t uncommon for people who are busy to simply turn the key and go without checking their surroundings first.

Help Can Arrive in a Hurry

If you or another driver in your home accidentally hit your garage door with a vehicle, it can be worthwhile to call a company that can provide garage door repair in Long Beach as soon as possible. A technician could be at your home within a matter of minutes if you need the problem taken care of immediately.