We often take our automatic garage doors for granted. A push of the bottom and they open and close, but what happens when it suddenly stops working? The following includes important information regarding the use of your garage door manual cord in case of an emergency.

What to Do When You Have a Garage Door Emergency

There’s no doubt about it; the home garage door is one of the most convenient pieces of equipment that we have within our homes. However, much with any device, you will run into some problems eventually. A garage door emergency can be caused by a number of factors, including blackouts and home fires. This is why the following is an explanation of just how to utilize your garage door manual cord.

Have Your Door Closed During a Garage Door Emergency

Finding the manual cord is very easy, and something most people won’t have a tough time accomplishing. Simply pull on the red cord above your garage. However, before you do this, it is extremely important to make sure the garage door is down. The manual cord converts your door into manual mode, meaning that the motor is not holding it up anymore. If you go for a test run of manual mode, letting the door slam down could damage not just the door but anyone underneath it. Seek the services of a Los Angeles garage door company to gain further information on this matter.

Pull the Cord

Once you’ve established that the garage door is fully closed, you should then begin to pull on the cord. This is a very important step during a garage door emergency situation as your electricity might not be running to allow your family to escape. Once you have disconnected it from the motor, you are not able to push the garage door up manually. Note that you should always have two people in the event that the door gives weight.

Re-Connecting Afterwards

Once it’s safe to come into the home and you have power again, you may want to reconnect your garage door. In order to do this, you do have two options. You may manually slide the garage door until it clicks back into place, or you can use your remote to simply enable it to reconnect.