foundation crack

After a Foundation Crack: Repairing Your Garage Door

As a homeowner, you’re going to face a lot of issues during your time there. Perhaps the most common, especially within older homes, is a problem with your foundation. This can be especially damaging if it occurs underneath your garage space. The potential of having a damaged garage door is highly likely. The following list includes a few things you can do to fix a garage door that has been damaged by a foundation crack.

Time Is Ticking

If you’re experiencing a foundation crack, it is not wise to put off the work for another time. Repairs must take place as soon as possible due to the very real chance that your garage door could collapse suddenly. This, of course, is not an ideal situation to place your vehicle nor your family in. Always speak with a garage door repair Los Angeles company to determine how soon a professional can take a look at your door.

Concrete Mix to Fix a Foundation Crack

Even if the foundation crack hasn’t damaged the door immediately, it certainly will over time. Therefore, you must take proactive measures to fill that crack up as soon as possible. Failure to do so can make the garage door uneven and thus begin to crack due to the need to carry the door above the ground. You can use concrete mix and pour it over the cracked area, just make sure that you level the concrete off with the rest of the garage before it dries.


It’s safe to assume that if your garage door goes through a sudden shift such as a crack in the foundation, it’s going to be uneven. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken, but just that it won’t work properly. Garage door balancing is something you need to quickly do in order to avoid further or future damage to it.