How to Open Your Garage Door Without Power

In the past, you needed to open your garage door by hand. Today, a remote control operates all modern garage doors. The days of getting out of the car and manually closing the door are gone. However, there are times when the power goes out, and you must open the door by hand. Here are a few ways you can open the garage door without power.

Pull the Handle

You may have seen a rope with a red handle. This handle will allow you to disengage the door from the trolley system. At this point, the unit is in a manual operation mode. It is important to make sure the door is closed when you pull the rope. When the rope is pulled, the door will automatically come down the tracks. Your hands and feet should stay clear from the track as well. A heavy door can cause injuries when it comes down the track system.

Return to Automatic Mode

Once the red rope has been pulled, the door is in the manual mode. When the power has returned, you need to put the opener back into automatic mode. The door can be placed in an automatic mode in two different ways. The release rope can be pulled towards the door, and it will reattach the rope back into the trolley. Your remote control may also have a button to place the opener back into the automatic mode setting.

Having Problems With Your Door?

If your garage door is not operating, you will have to call in a repair company. You can find a company for garage repair in Los Angeles for your door issues. An experienced technician will inspect your system and fix the problem. You should never attempt to repair the door by yourself. With a professional company, you can get back to enjoying the convenience of a fully operational garage door.