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Solar-Powered Garage Door Options

Conserving power is all the rage these days. It’s very important. You may want to know if there are any solar-powered garage door options that are cost-effective and realistic for consumers today.

If there are good solar-powered garage door options, it could be good for the environment and good for your wallet.

Is a Passive Solar-Powered Garage Door a Thing?

A passive solar garage door is a garage door that utilizes solar panels to heat the inside of the garage. So, this isn’t actually powering the garage. It’s actually adding solar panels to your existing garage door with some handy DIY work. These solar panels actually heat the inside of your garage in the winter.

This would allow someone to save on the energy bill, for example. A passive solar garage door is definitely an interesting option, but isn’t quite what some people are looking for. Garage door styles are changing, and this is certainly one that most people haven’t seen often. Replacing parts of your existing garage door with solar panels is definitely very creative!

A Los Angeles garage door might not be a good candidate to become a passive solar garage door. This is because Los Angeles stays relatively warm, even in the winter.

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DIY Solar for Garage Doors?

Having a solar-powered garage door remote is something that is becoming more common, but a solar-powered garage door does not seem to currently be an option. Experts have examined a lot of different manufacturer websites, and it seems like this is not yet a very common option.

Hopefully, in the future solar power will become more common and the costs for solar panels will continue to drop. This would open the door for more sustainable ways to power your garage door.

There are some people attempting to power their garage door with solar through a bit of DIY handiwork. However, this can be risky and difficult if you’re not a professional.

It may be wise to hire a professional to help you with this. It’s definitely recommended over attempting to do it yourself. Professionals want you to remain safe.

Reduce the Heat in the Garage and the Benefits

Keeping the garage cool can be done in many ways, such as with solar-powered ceiling fans and garage door openers, garage door screens, insulation and cross-breeze windows that open, have screens and lock. The benefits of a cool garage in a climate such as Los Angeles are nearly endless. A cool garage helps to keep the interior temperature of your vehicle cool, which in turn result in using less air conditioning. It helps to prevent humidity. Less hot air will enter the house, which also requires less air conditioning and lowers your energy bills. And it creates usable space for anything, from a home office to a professional workshop.