Garage Door Safety Features for Children and Pets

Does your garage door have safety features built into it? These features can help protect your pets and children from getting injured. Let’s take a closer look at some safety features that you should look out for the next time you get a new garage door for your home.

Motion Detector

Almost every modern garage door has some kind of motion detectors built into place. These motion detectors will stop the door from opening or closing whenever they sense there is something in the way. This is a fantastic method to prevent the door from coming down on your child or pet whenever they slip out of your field of vision.

Auto-Reversing Features

There were many children who lost their lives to doors that would not stop closing whenever they were underneath it. This was more common than people realized in the nineties. Fortunately, there have been new features implemented that roll backward whenever something is detected underneath the garage door.

These auto-reversing features have been known to save lives. Be sure to get this feature in your garage door the next time you decide to renovate. Your Los Angeles garage repair specialists will be able to help you get this taken care of whenever you need a new door installed.

Keeping Your Pets and Children Safe

There are plenty of hazards around the house that we oftentimes don’t pay attention to. Fortunately, you can take a proactive approach to these risk factors and mitigate them before they can harm your family. Be sure to safety-proof your garage door to ensure that your children and pets do not get harmed by it.