Important Facts to Know About Garage Door Motors

The garage door motor is an important mechanism that is responsible for the operation of your door when it opens and closes each time. Although it can be easy to neglect the device, it’s important to get an understanding of how it operates to ensure that you can provide a high level of care and maintenance to the feature. If you’re a homeowner, there are a few key facts to know about garage door motors.

Garage Doors Are Made to Be Lifted With One Hand

When a garage door is working correctly, it’s designed to easily be lifted with one hand that allows them to only weigh 10 pounds due to a spring system that is installed. Although garage doors can weigh up to 400 pounds, the spring system counters the heavy weight of it to make it easy and safe to lift without two hands required. It’s important to give attention to the spring system every few months and perform an inspection by disconnecting the opener and closing the door. Pull the door up halfway and check to see if it closes down on its own. If the door slams shut and doesn’t remain lifted, it will require garage door repair in Los Angeles.

There Are Different Motor Capacities

There are multiple options available with the motor capacities that come with garage door openers depending on the homeowner’s needs. Homeowners can also select various sizes of motors to have installed, which offer various amounts of horsepower. The type of motor that you decide to purchase depends on how much you plan to use the garage door throughout the week.

The Motors Can Push Heavy Loads

Garage door motors are made to be capable of lifting and pushing heavy loads, which is why the sensors are installed to ensure they don’t close on an object or a person. Protect yourself by inspecting the sensors and testing the reversal feature every few months with the help of a technician to ensure it’s safe to use.