There are some differences between AC and DC motor garage doors, and DC motor technology has advantages.

DC Motor Technology for Garage Doors

When it comes to garage doors, you have almost unlimited options. So many options, in fact, it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide which garage door and which type of motor is the right one for your garage door needs. Interestingly, while AC-powered garage doors have been the norm for years, recently, doors with DC motor technology have become incredibly popular among professionals and customers alike.

What Is DC Motor Technology?

First, to help you decide what type of garage door motor you want to go with, it’s important to understand the difference between AC and DC power. AC stands for alternating current, while DC stand for direct current. Basically, while AC power changes directions, DC power only flows in a single direction. AC power is more common that DC power and is used in homes because it can easily transform one voltage into another.

Benefits of a DC-Powered Garage

There are numerous benefits for using DC motor technology for your garage door opener versus AC power, which you can explore below.

• Back-Up Battery: A great benefit of using a DC-powered garage door is that they usually have a battery backup, which AC motors don’t have. That means when the power goes out, your garage door will still be able to open and close.

• Quiet: DC technology for garage doors is quieter than AC technology as well. This is because DC uses less power.

• Speed Variance: DC-powered motors allow you to vary the opening and closing speed of your garage door, which is a feature that AC motors don’t have.

• Digital Technology Add-Ons: Because DC motors are smaller and use less power, they allow you to add on digital features to your garage door motor. For one, you can add an Internet gateway, which you can connect to your smartphone so that you can monitor and control your garage door with ease. A Los Angeles garage repair service can help pick the right digital add-ons for your garage door.