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3 Toxic Substances to Lock Up for a Child-Friendly Garage

When a new little one arrives, your life is forever changed. You want to do everything in your power to keep this innocent life safe and as free from pain as possible. Keeping a child-friendly garage is one simple but very important way to keep your little ones safe and content. Keep these toxic substances away from exploring hands, and your garage will already be a much safer place.

Place Vehicle-Related Fluids Out of Reach

Toxic chemicals are everywhere in a typical garage. These substances aren’t safe for anyone. Children in particular are at risk for harm due to their inquisitive natures and small body sizes (meaning it takes less of a substance to poison them.). A good rule of thumb is to place any vehicle-related fluids in a securely locked cupboard. Think gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, and more. If these substances are locked and out of sight, chances are that your child is going to remain safe.

A Child-Friendly Garage Locks Away Lawn Chemicals

Another thing that isn’t safe for children is lawn chemicals. These harsh agents are extremely toxic. Designed for either killing weeds and pests or for making a lawn or garden grow abundantly, these chemicals are bad for the human digestive system. Keep both fertilizers and pesticides well out of reach of little hands.

Only Finger Paint For Little Hands

A child-friendly garage pays special attention to old cans of paint. Paint is poisonous when ingested and can cause damage to the eyes if it comes into contact with them. Small children might be attracted to the pretty colors and become injured. Keep paint shut tightly and out of reach. Always keep the door locked. A good Los Angeles garage repair shop may be able to help you set up new locks, if needed.